Evening cycling loop near Stab City

Plans were to reach longer distance but, as always, SMILES NOT THE MILES rule brought me to different routes. I met rusty fox in abandoned quarry, fat guys enjoying dinner in pub, local MILF with her “byyyye” that can cause a troubles 😉 and most missed thing from this trip is drying line full with sport team shirts – too dark for my mobile.

Oh, and choosing your stay you never know who’s behind the phone during booking but it’s great to have surprise like I had with old cars collector – just cause I said one word too much 🙂


About brulionman

I run my blog http://brulionman.wordpress.com/ trying to keep it bilingual. There is another, English only photoblog https://bartekbe.wordpress.com/ with shots taken just by phone. Next my blog http://spacerempokielcach.wordpress.com/ is about my city seen from the roofs. Enjoy! :)
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