Some shots from bombproof monkey-camera. Full of joy climbing, hill walking, mountaineering – you name it, great weather no matter what was announced in stupid forecasts day before. At own pace, enjoying the views and stuffing SD cards with pics and videos, but first of all – gaining unbelievable satisfaction. Ascend via Devil’s Ladder, descend through Zigzag. Gorgeous day finished with mouthwatering rib-eye steak grilled next to lake in Black Valley and all of that was major but just a part of Beezee Bee’s birthday. Lovya!

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Cycling on Croagh Patrick

Actually there was pushing bike up the mountain, 2/3 track done, then it’s crap – loose big stones and uphill become really steep, enough that I gave up, perhaps if I’d go not alone, the peak could be reached but.. 聽I know, I know, all the excuses 馃槢

Anyway, great people encouraging on the way up, all positive comments, people are just great. And because it’s pilgrimage destination it seems I’m a big sinner suffering a lot on the way up. At the end I discovered nice place to stay, cheap and well organised with proper space – Connemara Hostel with friendly staff.

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Into the darkness

Kippure by night with Kris

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Morning cycling along Barrow River

To start my day with energy I rode a little loop enjoying Barrow Way. Lots of birds, some game and this feeling “I should be paddling now, awwwww” 馃槈

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Evening cycling loop near Stab City

Plans were to reach longer distance but, as always, SMILES NOT THE MILES rule brought me to different routes. I met rusty fox in abandoned quarry, fat guys enjoying dinner in pub, local MILF with her “byyyye” that can cause a troubles 馃槈 and most missed thing from this trip is drying line full with sport team shirts – too dark for my mobile.

Oh, and choosing your stay you never know who’s behind the phone during booking but it’s great to have surprise like I had with old cars collector – just cause I said one word too much 馃檪

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Morning short loop on the bike

Land of dozen lakes and friendly people, no matter what stereotype you met. Trails that requires wider tires than the road-one and when it comes to go down – you really missing 聽these fat 2.5″ bitches…

Moment in the forest to calm yourself interrupted by carillon from 15km away church, that plays the same melody that you knew as a kid, from mum’s whistling… 聽 priceless goosebumps

Evening among local hunters that prepared game dinner so I had about 8 different meats and none was farmed, and I tried the bird that I never heard of – a Woodcock. I felt there like I imagine Canada must be聽like…

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Late sunday urbex

rUrbex in the jungle 馃槈

On聽mill water wheels you’ll see descriptions: P.Murphy Wexford 1877 and T.Jessop Davis engineer (unclear) Enniscorthy. This is an old mill in woods at Owenavoragh river.

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Sunday afternoon cycling

Today I chose to cycle in direction that doesn’t appear as an interesting area. Bored with all these guys in lycra overalls, looking like an acrobats from Russian circus, i decided to cycle in a bit different gear 馃槈

Forgoten tower on聽Ballynastragh House聽property (frequently聽misspelled), some woods, monk’s grave and little talk with nice 77’yo guy – new saying “East wind doesn’t goes around you, it goes through you”.

How many km? Enough to get back home. How many calories? Enough to burn the burger I had this noon 馃檪

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Saturday cycling

From Martin’s stats: 5 hours, 63 km. Now, we had gale warnings, yellow weather alert so cycling close to sea was pretty hard today.

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Lazy Daisy

How to extend your day off? – get up earlier to enjoy gap in rain 7-10 AM 馃檪 Today I got on my bike first time after 4 months gap caused by sore of Achilles tendon. Pain in ass, literally, my bottom forgot taste of the saddle. I cycled lazy almost taking more pictures than km. WARNING: contains outnumbered selfies!
I came back home wet but happy as always 馃檪

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