Southern Glenmalure with air crash site from 1992

There is number of Air Crash spots in county Wicklow dating from II WW till 90’s but one of them is situated between Drumgoff Gap and Kelly’s Lough, on the part of trail that I never walked – where Frank Maher and John Lonergan died on Feb 2nd 1992

Friday loop supposed to be in perfect sunny conditions but weather probably forgot to read the forecast and we had what we had. But among few one new peak have been achieved – Cloghernagh 783m, Corrigasleggaun 794m and repeated Carrawaystick 728m.

We started walk with 30 mins delay as we arrived at different times and parked 200m from each other but beyond sight. In case you didn’t know about that, Glenmalure Valley is remote enough that there is no network coverage, no signal to call or text. So, when at some stage I spotted Kris, who couldn’t see me and started heading to Crossroads at Glenmalure Lodge to get signal or wait to catch me at only possible entrance to whole valley by car. Thankfully a local man who was passing me chased Kris and told him about me waving hands on the road back in the valley. Just a good deed I appreciate much! Usual stuff – climbing zig-zags along Carrawaystick Waterfall, continue walking West via Cloghernagh (called also Leohard on East-West map, here is more story about local names around Lug). Then we turned at signpost (at 834m) to SE via Lough Gap, Lough Mountain 803m (also known as Corriganarrig or Corrigasleggaun, see more local name explanations here). Suddenly my Samsung rapidly went down on battery from 46% to 2% which is kind of usual within temperatures around 0°C so we navigated old-school way in drizzle and mist.

Then we reached airplane crash site with remains of the machine, even some piece of glassy-ish cabin shield. Little prayer and walk via Carrawaystick. Then after some piece of wooden-track made by Mountain Meitheal we descended using famous Wicklow Way that currently offers lots of views as this area is widely occupied by forestry tree-harvesters that looks amazing in action.

That day was finished with a campfire near Old Miner’s Path with amazing smoked mountain-cheese from Czarny Dunajec village and some very last sausages made locally by Gorey craft business that unfortunately did not survive the Covid. With first sparks I was dreaming in my head about comfy seat after over 20km walk that we have just done and then Kris appeared carrying two seats removed from his people-carrier. Just perfect moments in fading daylight at the bottom of Ballinafunshogue Waterfall. Was that my last hillwalking this year? Who knows…?

I found two notes leading to some more details about accident:

I found a reference to the accident in the Irish Times of 5/2/1992. On page 3, it gives an account of the ill-fated flight of the Cessna that ended on this hillside and of the difficulties encountered in recovering the bodies. In the background of the photo can be seen the top of Clohernagh, on the far side of the valley.”

Two Tullamore men died when their light plane crashed near the Glenmalure Pass in Co. Wicklow last Sunday afternoon. John Lonergan (31) and Frank Maher (45) took off from Kilkenny in their Cessna 172 at 2:30pm, to make the 30-minute journey to Edenderry. Nothing further was heard from them but the gardai were not informed until the following morning. The wreckage of the plane was discovered by a forestry worker on Monday.”

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Urban walk

A Christmas mood started. People are more patient (Irish drivers are already most patient drivers I ever had pleasure to drive among, so imagine progress that to level up!), you can spot a smiles in theirs eyes while masks cover most of face. Hangover morning after alcoskype – activity popular among foreigners when having spontaneous party with mates sitting in their motherland. Great atmosphere in the City like I haven’t seek in past years – street performers trying to sing Christmas songs but all crowd is so hungry of that feeling fo being together that eagerly people sing along, I mean nearly whole crowd. Funny and heartwarming situation. Right folks, enjoy the pics!

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Silsean winter attempt

I hope your weekend was grand. I have been spontaneously joined by my Better Half and enjoyed surprisingly tough climb. Starting surrounded and gently covered by forest but once we hit open spaces – via very wet bog-land and along gaining attitude we’ve being smacked by cold wind inside the clouds. Real-feel closer to -10°C I’d say but on advantage side – we were able to approach so close to the cairn only cause mud were frozen and more dense that usually.

Silsean in language of Irish ancestors means “place of lights“, and during visit we experienced few sudden changes of light around and above us, actually quicker than my stiff fingers could reach phone. Anyways, enjoy the pics.

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Carrawaystick / Wicklow Mtns

This was my Birthday walk with my better half (what is actual spelling – better or bitter? just kidding here, “dad’s jokes”) and we were also celebrating Her Nameday.

Well, yes, so called “Eastern Europe” continues tradition for another excuse to drink.While poor ordinary John Smith has (outside of Father’s Day and other “functional” festivals) only one day a year to celebrate himself, dive in joy, perhaps some gifts, having a party or couple of rounds with friends, his fellow from former Iron Curtain block has also a Nameday – a particular day dedicated to some saint(s) (eg St Peter, St Joseph etc.) that every person with matched name is excused to have a party.

Just to demostrate this better: today is Saturday, November 27th – a Nameday for: Xenia, Francis and Valerian, tomorrow, Sunday Nov 28th will be a special day for: Bertha, Gregory, Jacob, Stephen. That means your calendar turns out to be a drinking-guide as win-win situation. First it lets you know names of your friends to join their celebration and the celebrating person feels pleased that you remembered by bringing little gift. Small hint suggested – perhaps call / text with wishes ahead to make sure doors will be open for you and host knows how big company should expect. Next day brings you a new range of names, just choose one and so on…

There is more beauty about it – to avoid situations with too many beneficients of same name, the most popular ones were splitted into different months. For example if your name is popular like John your nameday is 42 times a year, followed by Peter with 34 namedays, Maria – 27, Andrew – 15. Depending on generation popularity of names varies, but you can count on these “tops”. And Bob’s your uncle.

Last night wind was quite strong, It blew turning over our bins, with 11 m/s on average until 3 A.M. When we enter open spaces of a ridge this was over 13 m/s. With slightly above zero °C that was really cool experience 😉 Okay, I’m too chatty today, just see the pics.

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Lugduff / Wicklow Mtns

Today I decided to grow my conquered-peaks-list with few missing tops from my little bucket list. Once the first list reached over 100 I felt so proud and cocky, big head etc. and today I met this champ at the carpark, changing his clothes but while I was preparing to start my walk, he was going home already after some running.

Our conversation got into details and he confessed he started his run at some beach …yesterday evening, then he ran overnight via Djouce, Scarr and Mulacor to get to Glenmalure valley, but hold your horses, just to meet his company and together with her they run to the Lug and back to carpark – 72 or 75km total, I did not memorize that precisely, so shocked I was. And a bit ashamed.

But this was good experience to keep myself humble, appreciate others achievements and become more motivated by their stories. People are awesome.

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Time has changed

What was an eccentric activity years ago or raw way of photo diary – I mean posting pics from your phone camera – today technically exceeds most DSLRs from that days, phones has much more advanced solutions and features than 4kg digital cameras made 10 and more years ago.

Saying “best camera is the one you have with you” is still valid.
So, perhaps after a “little” gap it is time to reactivate this blog.

A little weekend walk we had today… casted much worse weather that actually happened for us 🙂

All that in Avondale House and Forest Park, Rathdrum, Garden County, Ireland

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Some shots from bombproof monkey-camera. Full of joy climbing, hill walking, mountaineering – you name it, great weather no matter what was announced in stupid forecasts day before. At own pace, enjoying the views and stuffing SD cards with pics and videos, but first of all – gaining unbelievable satisfaction. Ascend via Devil’s Ladder, descend through Zigzag. Gorgeous day finished with mouthwatering rib-eye steak grilled next to lake in Black Valley and all of that was major but just a part of Beezee Bee’s birthday. Lovya!

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Cycling on Croagh Patrick

Actually there was pushing bike up the mountain, 2/3 track done, then it’s crap – loose big stones and uphill become really steep, enough that I gave up, perhaps if I’d go not alone, the peak could be reached but..  I know, I know, all the excuses 😛

Anyway, great people encouraging on the way up, all positive comments, people are just great. And because it’s pilgrimage destination it seems I’m a big sinner suffering a lot on the way up. At the end I discovered nice place to stay, cheap and well organised with proper space – Connemara Hostel with friendly staff.

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Into the darkness

Kippure by night with Kris

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Morning cycling along Barrow River

To start my day with energy I rode a little loop enjoying Barrow Way. Lots of birds, some game and this feeling “I should be paddling now, awwwww” 😉

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