Morning short loop on the bike

Land of dozen lakes and friendly people, no matter what stereotype you met. Trails that requires wider tires than the road-one and when it comes to go down – you really missing  these fat 2.5″ bitches…

Moment in the forest to calm yourself interrupted by carillon from 15km away church, that plays the same melody that you knew as a kid, from mum’s whistling…   priceless goosebumps

Evening among local hunters that prepared game dinner so I had about 8 different meats and none was farmed, and I tried the bird that I never heard of – a Woodcock. I felt there like I imagine Canada must be like…


About brulionman

I run my blog trying to keep it bilingual. There is another, English only photoblog with shots taken just by phone. Next my blog is about my city seen from the roofs. Enjoy! :)
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6 Responses to Morning short loop on the bike

  1. chefjenn7 says:

    Your photographs are beautiful!

  2. strz. says:

    Fota z owcami śmieszniasta 🙂

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