Cycling on Croagh Patrick

Actually there was pushing bike up the mountain, 2/3 track done, then it’s crap – loose big stones and uphill become really steep, enough that I gave up, perhaps if I’d go not alone, the peak could be reached but..  I know, I know, all the excuses 😛

Anyway, great people encouraging on the way up, all positive comments, people are just great. And because it’s pilgrimage destination it seems I’m a big sinner suffering a lot on the way up. At the end I discovered nice place to stay, cheap and well organised with proper space – Connemara Hostel with friendly staff.


About brulionman

I run my blog trying to keep it bilingual. There is another, English only photoblog with shots taken just by phone. Next my blog is about my city seen from the roofs. Enjoy! :)
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