Sunday afternoon cycling

Today I chose to cycle in direction that doesn’t appear as an interesting area. Bored with all these guys in lycra overalls, looking like an acrobats from Russian circus, i decided to cycle in a bit different gear 😉

Forgoten tower on Ballynastragh House property (frequently misspelled), some woods, monk’s grave and little talk with nice 77’yo guy – new saying “East wind doesn’t goes around you, it goes through you”.

How many km? Enough to get back home. How many calories? Enough to burn the burger I had this noon 🙂


About brulionman

I run my blog trying to keep it bilingual. There is another, English only photoblog with shots taken just by phone. Next my blog is about my city seen from the roofs. Enjoy! :)
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4 Responses to Sunday afternoon cycling

  1. tomaszsiudak says:

    Fajna koszula na rower 🙂

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