Lazy Daisy

How to extend your day off? – get up earlier to enjoy gap in rain 7-10 AM 🙂 Today I got on my bike first time after 4 months gap caused by sore of Achilles tendon. Pain in ass, literally, my bottom forgot taste of the saddle. I cycled lazy almost taking more pictures than km. WARNING: contains outnumbered selfies!
I came back home wet but happy as always 🙂


About brulionman

I run my blog trying to keep it bilingual. There is another, English only photoblog with shots taken just by phone. Next my blog is about my city seen from the roofs. Enjoy! :)
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4 Responses to Lazy Daisy

  1. strz. says:

    Super ten modern, zielone wygląda jak matrix, znowu kurna górki, a Ty jakis taku ze Szczecina

  2. strz. says:

    A. A ta ostatnia fota, to o co be, Be?

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